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Xen Server – A Local ISO Storage Repository

If like me, you have a store of ISOs that you use to to create various virtual machines from its useful to have them accessible at any time.

By default XenServer allows you to create storage repositories for ISOs on NFS or CIFS stores, but doesn’t let you store them locally… surely it should you ask.

It CAN indeed, it just needs a little command line coaxing.

From the local terminal on the server you want to store it on, run the following commands

mkdir /isos/
xe sr-create name-label=ISOs type=iso device-config:legacy_mode=true device-config:location=/isos content-type=iso

Once hte folder /isos exists you cna fill it however you want to, be it via wget’ing isos to the server directly or SCP’ing them from another machine. I’ll leave that choice up to you.

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