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#PHPNW12 – PHP North West Conference 2012

Having been back from my 2nd PHP conference a week now, my mind hasn’t stopped working. Having been last year, I had a little idea of what to expect, but nothing quite prepares you for how much your mind starts working after seeing a few days of very good talks.

Due to work, I was unable to attend the tutorial day, but I did attend both Saturday and Sunday talks.

Saturday started with a talk about PHP 5.4 features you will actually use , now I use Centos and as such am often behind with PHP versions. I hadn’t really considered upgrading for the new features but after Lorna’s talk, I will be. The rest of the day was spent going to a selection of talks relating to building large and complex systems, I’m in the process of planning new systems and as such, anything that can help benefits me.

The talk from Ian Barber sent my mind running wild, I’d heard about Firehoses from reading about how twitters infrastructure works, but wow. Mind. Blown. So much to think about.

The talk about the BBC from John Clevery, was certainly an eye opener. Revealing the strategy on creating the responsive design for the BBC’s site and has changed my view totally on how to work on responsive design.

Now I just need to find some more time to actually work on my ideas!

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