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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Postfix Spam Filtering

Posted on by Tim Igoe

With the increasing amounts of spam email thats being sent across the internet recently, I decided to improve my spam filtering. Spam filtering Already I had Amavisd-New (http://www.ijs.si/software/amavisd/) running my emails through Spamassassin for spam detection and Clamav for virus … Continue reading

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Disaster Recovery (Hard Disk Failure)

Posted on by Tim Igoe

Having just had a hard disk die on me, taking all my work with it (annoyingly I couldn’t find my old backup CD) I thought i’d document the steps I took to recover data from the Linux partition that it … Continue reading

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PHP – Check Service Status

Posted on by Tim Igoe

Got multiple servers? Want to know they are still up by looking at once place? Want to give your users an easy to see status page? A quick way to test if a server or service is up is to … Continue reading

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PHP – Autoload Includes based on Class name

Posted on by Tim Igoe

[b]Please note, this code is for PHP5 and above only.[/b] While writing lots of object orientated PHP5 code, you may find you need lots of include() or require() statements, it gets repetitive to keep writing these things in every file … Continue reading

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