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So, I finally got an SSD

Posted on by Tim Igoe

Having had (another) drive failure recently, taking out my entire steam games library, I decided when it came to replace it, to use 2, one for OS and stuff, and another for Games and the like.

Perfect, sounds like an SSD combo with a normal disk drive!

In the end, I chose to go with an OCZ Agility 3 as a good mix of space, performance and cost (or lack of!). Installing it was a piece of cake, just like you’d expect from any drive install. First impressions after thinking “shut up DVD Drive” during the install, its quiet, I’m not used to drives that make NO noise!

Post Windows install, adding drivers and utils, its so much faster, click and things happen. Theres no more waiting for applications to start. They are just there. Power to ready to use is now sub 30 seconds, a far cry from last weeks 3-4 minutes.

I decided I was never going to get a drive big enough for all my games, so they still reside on a normal, spinning disk, Can’t have it all!

Overall, I can’t believe I’d not taken that step earlier, it makes using my computer usable again!

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