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The Framework

Posted on by Tim Igoe

I have been doing bits of work on the new framework, not sure how long till I get something that can be used by all.

Recently I have purchased a couple of new books to aid with the development of features on the framework, I can recommend both of them.

PHP5 Objects, Patterns and Practice is a very good book for explaining programming patterns that can be used within PHP and showing you how to use them. (Amazon)
AJAX in Action, a brilliant introduction into AJAX. Previously I have been experimenting with Javascript to add AJAX functionality, this book has helped me to expand on what I have picked up. I’m hoping to create a decent AJAX function set that can be used within the framework really easily. (Amazon)

The Framework is still lacking a proper name, if anyone has any suggestions, please put them on a postcard… actually, a reply to this post will do.

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